With automation, work just happens. Your workers always have access to what they need to be productive.

Gartner recently named ‘Hyper-Automation’ the number one strategic technology trend, defining it as the application of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning to increasingly automate processes and to enhance productivity.

Why not let low-value tasks be discovered automatically and optimally performed in order to free up your team to focus their attention on more strategic initiatives?

With the accelerating growth of endpoints, remote working, edge devices, and data generated – Ivanti Neurons is an easy-to-use solution that can help South African businesses increasingly leverage AI, analytics, and robotic processes to automate every process, task, and environment.

Key elements that can help your business work better with a hyper-automation software includes:

Realise Time Savings with No More Manual Tasks

Routine manual tasks consume IT and service desk resources and limit your team’s ability to focus on more strategic projects. Automation allows for routine tasks such as configuration, provisioning, and upgrades to be transformed and easily maintained on-premise or in the cloud.

Pro-active Protection and Compliance

Automating IT tasks helps to enforce critical security controls and compliance policies by removing the risk of error. With predictable and audit-friendly processes, your business can mitigate risk and view recorded activity to prove when tasks were executed, by whom, and origin of the request.

More Informed Decision Making

With access to more intelligence, improved consistency, and reduced human error, your business can make better business decisions, identify areas for improvement and enhance employee experience by capturing more data and providing insights on that data.

Flexible and Secure Administration

Simplify the management of complex hybrid environments through simple runbook creation. Control who can make changes and when they will be executed through delegation and advanced scheduling. Every module can be exported and used as building blocks for easy back up and transition.

Improved Employee Experience

Employee Experience is no longer an HR problem — it is an organisational challenge. Employees increasingly expect access to the technologies they are already using in the everyday life, including automation to eliminate routine tasks. Learn more.

Discover Ivanti Neurons.

The IT automation platform to discover, manage, secure, and service across your IT landscape.

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