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Previous Solution

  • Internally-built solution

With CSM, we were further ahead in three months than we were with our previous solution in three years.
– Johan Swart, IT General Manager Super Group 

Quick Wins

  • More progress with CSM in three months than in three years with previous ITSM solution
  • Implemented CSM in only six weeks
  • Created custom dashboards and improved visibility for executives across the organisation
  • Drove continuous service improvement in real-time

The Business Challenge

Founded in 1986 as a trucking company, Super Group has grown into a multinational supply chain management corporation employing 5,000 people—including 3,500 networked staff who require world-class IT service management infrastructure. The company was using various, disconnected software systems to drive IT service management. Key ITIL® processes, like Incident Management and Problem Management, were siloed—making metrics, business intelligence, and improvements nearly impossible to achieve.

“Our former ITSM system delivered data, but not in a format that managers could interpret,” said Johan Swart, IT General Manager of Super Group. Issues with the current system led to an ITSM solution system requirements list: out-of-the-box ITIL processes; high system configurability to meet changing business needs; and cost-effectiveness and cost-efficiency.

The Solution

With business requirements in hand, Super Group saw the advantages of Cherwell Service Management® (CSM) software right from the start. “We were quite impressed,” said Swart. “We could see that Cherwell understood the ITIL world. Best of all was CSM’s codeless configurability. We didn’t want to become developers, but we wanted a product that we could adapt. This is CSM’s singular advantage.”

“We quickly started implementation and went live in only six weeks—with help from Cherwell solutions partner, Revelation Data,” added Swart. “Custom dashboards create visibility for each team, identifying operational metrics and measuring individual activities. And CSM offers 11 PinkVERIFY® accredited ITSM processes. We can use as many as we like without incurring additional license fees.”

The Results

According to Swart, one of the best things about Cherwell Service Management is that the team could introduce a full set of dashboards that create visibility for management and teams, including engineering, enterprise architecture, and development. “For each team, we set up specific dashboards that identify their operational activities,” said Swart. “The dashboards are very user friendly, easy to use, and easy to understand.” We even created a dashboard for our CIO—now he knows what’s going on and what’s not going on without having to ask.” CSM widgets create tailored dashboards with information that addresses specific metrics such as service status, crossed thresholds, and active requests. Rather than viewing static charts, users can perform actions directly from the dashboard.

Besides business intelligence functionality, Cherwell Service Management provides Super Group with visibility across all IT functions, which was always a problem for the company in the past with multiple systems in place for different processes. It also enables the IT team to better manage expectations and deliver projects. SuperGroup has implemented a customer self-service portal, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, CMDB, Configuration Management, Event Management, Availability Management, exception management, and a project management environment.

“With CSM, we were further ahead in three months than we were with our previous solution in three years,” said Swart. With the further introduction of an IT Project Management platform, due to CSM’s ability to provide increased cross-departmental visibility and reporting. “We now have a system that allows us to apply continuous service improvement in real-time,” said Swart.

Revelation Data is a team of highly skilled consultants passionate about helping organisations align their business processes with industry leading standards like ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library). For more than 20 years, it has built and implemented systems that comply to the highest standard in market verticals. This understanding of different organisations gives Revelation Data the leading edge in designing processes and systems to enhance service delivery. From IT and HR to full ERP processes, Revelation Data is all about helping your businesses improve its customer service.

Cherwell Service Management Benefits

  • Leverage Your Resources with the Industry’s Best IT Self-Service Portal
  • Manage Your IT Investment with Powerful Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • Adapt Quickly Using Truly Codeless Configuration
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere via Mobile Browser, Native Android App and Native iOS App
  • Automate Your Business Processes with Cherwell One-Step™ Actions