Ivanti Security Controls

Ransomware Attacks are up 300% since 2015. Multi-Layered Security is Your Answer.

With IT teams spending too much time managing security device sprawl, and Security teams suffering a labor shortage, Ivanti simplifies security with a unified solution that targets your biggest attack vectors.

In Ivanti Security Controls (formerly Ivanti Patch for Windows) we’ve brought together the security tools global experts agree create the highest barriers to modern cyber attacks—discovery of the authorized and unauthorized software in your environment, so you can protect and defend against it; patch management for your heterogeneous OS and third- party app environment; dynamic whitelisting; and granular privilege management—as well as additional patch tools that help IT and Security work together better to better protect the business.

To learn more about how Ivanti Security Controls may protect your business (as well as save you time and money), please fill out the form below and one of our associates will be in touch.

    If you need immediate assistance, please call Petros at 021 140 1548 or email petros.kaira@thinktanks.co.za.

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