Ivanti Endpoint Manager

What can Ivanti Endpoint Manager do for you?

By integrating the management of all end user platforms and mobile devices in a unified endpoint management experience, Ivanti Endpoint Manager provides core IT management services that are highly leveraged by other Ivanti or Ivanti partner solutions, all from one console.

Ivanti Endpoint Manager is built for IT operations that manage endpoint computing and for organisations seeking integrated, multi-platform systems management and mobile device management that is also tightly integrated with patch and operational security.

Result = Unified Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management

Mobile device management (MDM) capabilities are integrated into the admin console, workflows, and workspaces. Create policies and software packages and target users and groups, which apply intelligently to all of the user’s devices or platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, Chromebook, Linux, iOS, and Android, tvOS, and Raspbian (Raspberry Pi).

Dashboards, Reporting, and Role-based Workspaces

Transform data into value from one simple user interface. Provide dashboards on mobile devices and produce detailed reports to improve IT decision-making. Enable role-based workspaces for contextual information and actions.

OS Provisioning and OS Migration

Provide a template-driven process to deploy operating systems using hardware-independent imaging, driver management, and integrated software delivery. Deploy and update.

Remote Control and Problem Resolution

Benefit from centrally managed, cross-platform remote control with extended problem-resolution tools — all from any HTML5 browser.

Discovery and Inventory

Discover all managed or unmanaged devices and assets and inventory them into a single place to simplify, secure, track and manage IT processes. With Ivanti Neurons, you can discover your entire IT estate in real-time and make fast, accurate decisions that result in higher levels of efficiency and value across your business.

Software Distribution

Distribute software to multiple device platforms in minutes using minimal infrastructure and network traffic. Advance rollout projects automatically through multiple stages of deployment. Provide an app store experience for self-service app deployments.

Enterprise Apple Management

Experience complete enterprise Mac and iOS device management from inventory to software or OS deployment — all within the same workflows for PCs and mobile device management.

Endpoint Management — What’s All the Buzz About?

Learn why Endpoint management is expected to grow 37% year on year to 2023 with nearly 90% of IT managers considering it a priority.

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