Why Re-Invent the Wheel?

Leveraging ITSM Across Departments

Unlike other IT management practices that focus on hardware, network or systems, IT service management aims to consistently improve IT customer service in alignment with business goals. This approach to leverage software solutions to make your business work better is so successful that non-IT departments are taking note and wanting to provide the same level of service.

Historically, there is a common perception that a department like Human Resources requires a Human Resource System with tool specific functionality focusing on what makes a department different to the next – rather than the essence of what it delivers or manages.

However, we have recently supported a number of clients across various industries (retail, financial institutions, higher education, etc.) to integrate a service management approach across departments – providing a unified approach in connecting employees with services and information they need to be productive.

In reality, service management is actually incredibly powerful as it provides the ability to manage processes across numerous lines of business from a single application that has the flexibility to handle it all. This could include: IT, Human Resources, Facilities, Fleet, Case Management, Project Management, and even some aspects of Accounting—really any department that provides some sort of service. 

It is essentially a means towards providing both your customers and employees with more value through the use and adoption of service management principles:

In considering whether or not your business is ready to implement service management more broadly throughout the organization, a few strategic questions to ask:

  • What’s the advantage of providing employees a single portal for requests?
  • Why and how do you prioritize requests?
  • How can the process be streamlined with automation?
  • How do you ensure streamlined delivery for services that touch different departments?
  • How do you connect employees with self-service options?
  • Who has the need for the services (i.e requests, knowledge search, issue resolution)?

In our opinion, this approach is a sure way of gaining a competitive edge over other companies that fail to see its merits — and any company that does leverage service management across departments will enjoy not only having a better technological edge but better growth margins and customer and employee satisfaction.

Ivanti Integrates Ivanti Neurons Platform with Splunk Security Operations Suite to Further Enable the Self‑Healing Autonomous Edge

Ivanti Neurons Platform and Splunk Security Operations Suite Integrate to Power Self-Healing Endpoints and Self-Service Remote Workers with Automated Workflows from Endpoint to Cloud

Ivanti Neurons™ Platform now integrates with the Splunk Security Operations Suite. Together, the solution enables organizations to realize an autonomous edge, which offers hyper-automated self-healing, self-securing and self-service capabilities. The solution is enabled by Ivanti’s integrations with Splunk Enterprise Security (SIEM) and Splunk Phantom (SOAR), two core components of the Splunk suite.

Ivanti Neurons integrates with the Splunk Security Operations Suite to allow for automated workflow from the endpoint into Splunk for analytics, correlation and response, culminating in automatic ticket creation in Ivanti® Service Manager. The end-to-end workflow also automates the discovery, security and servicing of endpoints by leveraging data analytics and correlations from Splunk Enterprise Security with Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager. The Ivanti Service Manager App for Splunk provides dashboard visualizations to discover insight into incidents, problems, tasks, change requests and configurable items.

“With the explosive growth of endpoints, edge devices and remote workers, IT operations and security teams need to apply advanced automation to improve workflow, auto-remediate security issues and enhance the remote user experience,” said Nayaki Nayyar, executive vice president and chief product officer, Ivanti. “By integrating the hyper-automated Ivanti Neurons platform with Splunk Security Operations Suite, we are taking a big step towards enabling truly self-healing autonomous edge so that enterprises can increase speed and accuracy of services delivered to end users.”

Read the full press release here.

Ivanti Announces Strategic Partnerships with Intel and Qualys

Ivanti recently announced several strategic partnerships to better deliver world-class endpoint management, patch management, and end-to-end security solutions.

Intel vPro® Platform-Based Devices with Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant Now Integrates with Ivanti Neurons Platform.

Offering Device-as-a-Service with self-healing capabilities for the next generation workforce, Intel Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel EMA) now integrates with the Ivanti Neurons hyper-automation platform. This partnership enables IT organizations to self-heal and self-secure with Intel vPro platform-based devices—both inside and outside of the corporate firewall.

Stephanie Hallford, Intel Vice President of the Client Computing Group and general manager of Business Client Platforms, had this to say about the partnership:

“By partnering with Ivanti, Intel continues to expand our industry-leading technologies that support our joint customers to manage a remote workforce and edge devices. Using the Intel vPro platform will provide in band and out of band endpoint management via the cloud. The Ivanti DaaS solution, along with the built for business Intel vPro platform is perfect for driving customer value for the next generation workforce. Together we are providing unparalleled technologies, performance and enhanced security for DaaS.”

Read the full announcement here.

Qualys Integrates Ivanti Patch Management Into Qualys VMDR Platform

A leading provider of disruptive cloud-based IT, security, and compliance solutions, Qualys has integrated Ivanti Patch Management technology into their Qualys VMDR (Vulnerability Management Detection Response) platform.

Qualys President and Chief Product Officer, Sumedh Thakarsaid, said the following:

“The seamless integration of Ivanti and Qualys technologies in VMDR takes endpoint security to the next level. By extending Ivanti’s leading patch management technology from Windows to Mac, Qualys VMDR now orchestrates the entire process of discovery, prioritization and patching of critical vulnerabilities in real time across hybrid IT environments including macOS devices. Furthermore, it allows us to bridge IT and SecOps workflows to more efficiently secure and manage today’s explosion of remote workers.”

Read the full announcement here.

Introducing the Ivanti Neurons Platform to Self Heal, Self Secure, and Self Service.

At Think Tank, our vision is to be the best at making South African businesses work better and, during this new normal, continuing to leverage software solutions to meet your goals and objectives.

This is why we partner with Ivanti, the software that automates IT and Security Operations to discover, manage, secure and service from cloud to edge – and we are excited to announce that Ivanti has launched its brand new Neurons platform, building on the success of Ivanti Cloud.

The new Ivanti Neurons hyper-automation platform offers multiple capabilities for enterprises:

  • Ivanti Neurons™ for Edge Intelligence gives IT the ability to query all edge devices using natural language (NLP) and get real-time intelligence across the enterprise in seconds. It provides quick operational awareness, real-time inventory, and security configurations across the edge leveraging sensor-based architecture.
  • Ivanti Neurons™ for Healing offers an army of automation bots to proactively detect, diagnose, and auto-remediate configuration drift issues, performance issues, compliance issues, and security issues for endpoints. Automation of routine tasks paves the way to creating a truly self-healing environment, reducing time, costs, and improving employee experience.
  • Ivanti Neurons™ for Discovery delivers accurate and actionable asset information in minutes. This provides visibility in real-time using active and passive scanning and third-party connectors. These provide normalized hardware and software inventory data, software usage information and actionable insights to efficiently feed configuration management and asset management databases.
  • Ivanti Neurons™ Workspace provides a 360-degree view of devices, users, applications, and services, with real-time data. This allows first-line analysts to resolve issues previously escalated to specialists. User and device views cut complexity, long wait times and high escalation costs, resulting in faster end user resolution and greater productivity.

Watch an on-demand webinar introducing the new Neurons platform.

If you would like to request a demo or a free 45-day trial, please get in touch petros.kaira@thinktanks.co.za.

Smooth Transition to Work from Home with Ivanti Cloud

Recently Ivanti transitioned roughly 400 of their employees to a work-from-home environment in order to keep employees healthy while still working at full capacity to serve customers (sound familiar!?).

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Data brings Moneyball to the workplace –

What to do when a Database Delete happens in MSSQL

I recently had a situation where 3 database deletes happened with no one taking ownership of having done the deletes. Some important things that you should back up are:

  • The Master database.
  • The log folder for that instance of MSSQL. It contains some trace files (extension trc), the SQL event log files and the SQL error logs.
  • All of the windows event logs

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