About Think Tank

This business arose out of a need for processes to be simplified. Our combined enterprise application knowledge led us to ask the question, there must be a simpler, more agile and fluid way for this process to work.

We take this question and apply it to your business challenges to come up with the right solutions. We help you see complexity as an opportunity to show value and not a handbrake.


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We believe that partnering is key to any successful relationship and so our philosophy is to only partner with the top organisations globally. This applies to our product vendors as well as business relationships.

Contact us if you think your company would be a good fit. 


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itSMF South Africa The IT Service Management Forum  is the independent and internationally recognised forum for IT Service Management professionals. Our membership provides a forum to exchange views, share experiences and participate in continuous development and promotion of best practice and standards; all of which in turn deliver significant value to your business.


As an application developer we partner with Microsoft to deliver the best of breed technology built on the MS .Net Platform.


Ivanti solutions are designed to aid, ease, and speed your IT modernization and unification efforts. From advanced asset, endpoint, IT and business service management, to security and reporting and analytics, Ivanti bridges the gap between product lines to automate and secure your digital workplace.


We’re a community of techentrepreneurs, developers, creatives, angel investors, and VC’s who are passionate about entrepreneurship and the roles we play in the future of South Africa.


Lansweeper helps you with your Network Inventoryand Asset Management and pro-actively alerts you of non-compliance issues before they become a problem.

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For information to be useful, it first needs to be meaningful. At SlipstreamBI, we architect and build business intelligence (BI) solutions that enable you to easily turn the volumes of data your business receives and stores into meaningful information. This means that you can deliver timely and accurate reports, incorporate dashboards and use advanced visual analytics to help your employees make well-informed business decisions.

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