Bug? More like feature request.

The MVP plays a key result in the final outcome. The MVP can turn a loss into a win. Keeping it simple, on target, doing the right stuff at the right time.

That of course is the Minimum Viable Product. Or MVP as we shall refer to it henceforth.

MVP is the antithesis of “scope creep”, the malicious virus that kills projects, bankrupts businesses, disemploys staff and disillusions developers. So let’s see how this works… Read more

Best “Best Practice”

Mongolian Bow

I’d like to describe to you how software products and best practices are used in the modern business world by telling you a bit about the Mongolian bow.

Made from laminated layers of boiled horn, sinew and wood the Mongolian bow was the tool of war that allowed the Mongolians to create an empire that stretched from Europe to the Sea of Japan. Historians suggest that the bow evolved out of necessity as the Mongols of Genghis Khan’s era lived in an environment where survival skills were of the utmost importance. The Mongolian bow could shoot up to 500 meters and was far stronger than other bows of that time, this combined with the ability to shoot while horsed gave the Mongolians a significant advantage over their enemies.

Although we are not at war, in fact quite the opposite we are trying to make our customers love us, the modern day Service Management department also has tools that have evolved out of necessity. Read more

Are you in the right Career?

Your Parents always want the best for you and they will push you to be successful no matter what. In my younger days, I used to love playing with electronics, fixing radios and game consoles etc. However, I never had a passion for computers. Even after I left school, I had no interest in learning how to use a computer. I decided to study sales and marketing and it went ok, I got my first job at my local gym selling gym contracts. I was still young and carefree. I decided to upgrade my job a few times and at last joined a large corporate IT company as one of their Account Managers. In the beginning, money was good and life was good and monthly sales were exceptional but then I met a group of new friends. They were all computer programmers – GEEKS in other words. I asked them one day to show me what they do. At first, it was all new to me and I did not have a clue what programming was all about.

The Change

I decided to learn this funny looking language and syntax starting with C++, (“The hardest Language out there”). I was really starting to enjoy it, and even though it was tough, I could not and would not give up. I started losing interest in my sales and marketing career and I realised that I hated it from day one. I still do and forever will. I realised that I was in the wrong career and needed a change. Read more

IT and marketing: working together for business success

When people ask what I do for a living they are never surprised when I say that I am in Marketing. Bubbly, confident, outspoken, creative… it all seems to fit the stereotype. But when I continue to tell them that I work for an IT company, immediately the connection is lost. It’s a common misconception, however, incorrect.

Marketing has one main goal: to grow business! However what people don’t think about is that marketing uses lots of IT, including enterprise systems such as customer relationship management (CRM) to achieve this.

I came across an article a while back written by Cliff Saran of Computer Weekly and I thought I would share it with you. Overall an interesting read. Read more