Why Clean Code?

Code is clean if it can be understood easily – by everyone on the team.

With understandability comes readability, changeability, extensibility and maintainability. All the things needed to keep a project going over a long time without accumulating up a large amount of technical debt. Writing clean code from the start in a project is an investment in keeping the cost of change as constant as possible throughout the lifecycle of a software product.

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Reporting in HEAT 2014

SQL Reporting services (SSRS) has been introduced to the latest version of HEAT. We are now given the opportunity to create much more complex and customized reports through SSRS and view these through HEAT2014. Some of the Features:
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new JuniorDeveloper()

I doubt that any of us had a painless initiation into the development world. Obviously we were expecting real-life tech to be planets apart from what we studied, but what we hadn’t braced for was the deep dive into client business rules and 3rd party integrations.

As a new junior joins your company, fresh from graduation or their previous want-away career, they’re about to enter just about the most trying few weeks of their entire life. Forget taking a driver’s test – after 3 days at your first new developer job, you actually wonder what you’re doing on the planet.

So how can we make the transition easier?

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