At Think Tank  we offer best of breed product solutions that have been tried across a wide variety of customers and proven to be adaptable enough to cover all their needs.

We provide On Premise solutions as well as SaaS solutions for our product suite.

Hybrid IT Service Management


HEAT Software is a leading provider of Cloud Service Management and Unified Endpoint Management software solutions for organizations of all sizes. We empower IT, HR, Facilities, and Customer Service to automate their business processes to improve service quality, while managing and securing endpoints to proactively detect and protect against threats to business continuity.

HEAT Service Management

HEAT Service Management is a robust, highly flexible solution, built on IT best practices that help customers meet the dynamic needs of a growing business and achieve the highest level of service quality, delivery and performance.

Key Desktop & Server Management (DSM)

Leveraging virtualization, standardization, and cloud computing can reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and conserve energy. But without a solid client management solution, your organization may lack the control necessary to reap the benefits of these technology breakthroughs.

The solution is easy to implement and deploy, helping customers avoid the cost of expensive implementations. Whether the IT organization has distinct Desktop and Server teams or a single End User Computing Group, DSM provides a unified solution to:

  • package, test, install and remove software
  • provision and manage desktops and servers
  • manage, migrate & restore user settings
  • monitor software rollouts


Discovery allows you to find, audit and continually track every computer and server, every network printer and switch, every major operating system and application on the network – building a comprehensive and dynamically-updated catalog of your complete IT inventory. In turn, this inventory is critical to optimizing all areas of IT operations, from IT Service Management to Software Asset Management, IT Governance to IT Asset Management. Management, IT Governance to IT Asset Management. Management, IT Governance to IT Asset Management.

HEAT Client Management

HEAT Client Management solutions help customers gain control of their complex IT infrastructures by providing a high level of process automation, unified management, and compliance enforcement which form the foundation for efficient and effective IT services and yield improved end-user productivity.  HEAT Client Management solutions fully automate software provisioning, configuration and remediation tasks to efficiently manage clients of all kinds across their lifecycle.

HEAT Cloud Service Management

HEAT Cloud Service Management is a powerful, rapidly deployed, integrated set of Service and Client Management business functions. HEAT Cloud transforms service and support teams, service desks, and help desks from tactical service providers into strategic business enablers. This multi-tenant cloud solution improves day-to-day operations and increases the agility of the business to achieve service management and business alignment. With HEAT Cloud, you’ll achieve cost advantages and rapid implementations with no infrastructure to purchase, manage or support. You’ll standardize on a built-for-purpose, fully-automated cloud based solution. And you’ll attain transparency with end-to-end integrated service & client management capabilities, all within the fully extensible and configurable HEAT Cloud Service Management platform.